3D modeling software

Customize your own Dovetail Slide using our 3D modeling software. Within this function you will be able to model, view, and download Dovetails Slide models and insert them directly into your drawing.

產品疑問? 3D Modeling Software

Setco offers on-line 3D modeling program for DS-Express, M-series, TS-series & HTS-series dovetail slides. It is easy to use and available 24/7 from your computer. Best of all, after you configure your slide you can download your model in popular 3D and 2D formats for use in your design program to see fit-and form and detailing to the application.

It's easy to create a model

  1. Select the type of slide you need. Choose from DS-Express, DS-Select, TS, HTS and M-series dovetail slides.
  2. Choose the slide configuration style. Examples: Single-axis, vertical angle plate or compound-axis.
  3. Select the saddle width and the amount of travel you need from the list of options.
  4. Select required accessories for your slide from the list of selections made available to you for each slide type. Example: Drive style, saddle locks, way protection, etc.
  5. Once defined, select the "Create" button to build the slide model that matches your selections. Use your mouse and rotate, enlarge and position your model to show views from any angle.
  6. To add or delect options, select Update, and select the Create button.
  7. After the model is complete, select the Download tab. You will need to register in order to download a file.
  8. After the model is complete, select the Download tab. Choose the type of file for download (3D or 2D).
  9. After you selected the Download format from the list of options, select the Download button at the bottom of the page and let the system prepare to export the file.
  10. "Right Click" on the yellow bolt underscored link to initiate the file download and select "Save Target As" option from the menu.

If your screen displays a colored “X” icon, no slide default model, click the x-icon to load the viewer. Follow the instructions in the title bar window for further instructions. Turn off your pop-up blocker.

If you have questions and would like to discuss your project we are here to assist you!